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The Official 2024 Spring Schedule is available through Zorts Sports
Training Camp starts Saturday, April 6th.
The League will play a 9-game regular season and end the season with the playoffs.

Training camp will be from April 6th - April 18th

NFL 2.png

Week 1 Saturday, April 20th
Week 2 Saturday, April 27th
NFL Flag Tournament Cleveland, Saturday, May 4th
Week 3 Sunday, May 5th
Week 4 Saturday, May 11th
Week 5 Mon - Thur, May 13th -16th
Week 6 Saturday, May 25th
Playoffs Saturday, June 1st
NFL Flag Tournament Pittsburgh, Sunday, June 2nd
Steel City Showdown Tournament, Saturday, Jun 8th


Week 1 Tuesday, September 5th @ Linton Field
Week 2 Tuesday, September 12th @ Linton Field
Week 3 Tuesday, September 19th @ Linton Field
Week 4 Tuesday, September 26th @ Linton Field
Week 5 Tuesday, September 31st @ Linton Field
Week 6 Tuesday, October 3rd @ Linton Field
Week 7 Tuesday, October 10th @ Linton Field
Week 8 Tuesday, October 17th @ Linton Field
Playoffs Tuesday,  October 24th @ Linton Field
Championship Wednesday, October 25th @ Linton Field


Be sure to download the Zorts Sports app to your phone, to follow the latest news, schedule, standings and information regarding the league. 

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