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Matt Privette Most Valuable Player Award

2022 Dash Robinson WR (49ers) 
2021 Rio Stotts QB (Steelers)
​2020 Marcus Dorsey WR (Eagles)
2019 Marcus Dorsey WR (Eagles)
2018 Santana Levy RB/LB (Redskins)
2017 Seth Dunlap QB (Lions)
2016 Jaden Bailey QB/ Eric Benson RB
2015 Gabe Dunlap QB (Lions)
2014 Tyree Spencer QB (Redskins)
2013 Rickey Shepard RB (Steelers)
2012 Matt Privette QB (Eagles)
2011 Kevin Brown WR (Steelers)
2010 Matt Privette QB (Eagles)
2009 Tyelre Davis WR (Steelers)
2008 Joey Brennan WR (Redskins)
2007Trey Reese RB/Tyler Solomon WR

Dash- Most valuable Player.jpg

Brandyn Brock Offensive Player of The Year

Dash- Offensive Player of the Year.jpg

2022 Dash Robinson WR (49ers)
2021 Carter Bonner WR/ Dash Robinson 
2020 Marcus Dorsey WR/ Rio Stotts WR
2019 Rio Stotts WR (Steelers)
​2018 Deacon Durham WR (Seahawks)
2017 Cornell Weems WR (Giants)
2016 Max Waring WR (49ers)
2015 Brandyn Brock WR (Steelers)
2014 Walter Holyfield Jr. WR (Redskins)
2013 Jermel Ward QB (49ers)
2012 Alex Trower WR (Eagles)
2011 Rashad Colvin Jr. WR (Eagles)
2009 James Franciscus QB (Titans)
2008 Tyelre Davis WR (Vikings)
2007 DeVaun Mitchell WR (Bears)

Gabe Dunlap Quarterback of the Year

2022 Winston Kelley QB (49ers)
2021 Rio Stotts QB (Steelers)
2020 Jayden Bottoms QB (Steelers)
2019 Jayden Bottoms QB (Steelers)
​2018 Josiah Anderson QB (Seahawks)
2017 Seth Dunlap QB (Lions)
2016 Jaden Bailey QB (Redskins)
2015 Gabe Dunlap QB (Lions)
2014 Gabe Dunlap QB (Lions)
2013 Elijah Perdue QB (49ers)
2012 Tyree Spencer QB (Steelers)
2011 Brandon Taylor QB (Steelers)
2009 James Taylor QB (Steelers)
2008 Art Shelton Jr. QB (Redskins)
2007 Matt Wojtaszek QB (Eagles)

Winston- QB of the Year.jpg

Dominic Burden Wide Receiver of the Year

Dash- Wide Receiver of the Year.jpg

2022 Dash Robinson WR (49ers)
2021 ​Dash Robinson WR (49ers)
2020 Marcus Dorsey WR (Eagles)
​2019 Marcus Dorsey WR (Eagles)
2018 Nathan Mallory WR (Redskins)
2017 Deacon Durham WR (Seahawks)
2016 Malik Nicholson WR (Lions)
2015 Dominic Burden WR (Lions)
2014 Dominic Burden WR (Lions)
2013 Walter Holyfield WR (Redskins)
2012 Loren Minor WR (Steelers)
2011 Loren Minor WR (Steelers)
2010 Jordan Henderson TE (Chargers)
2009 Jordan Henderson TE (Cowboys)

Rookie of the Year

2021 TJ Khalil LB (Panthers) Defensive
2021 Marc Taylor QB (Chiefs) Offensive
2020 BJ Mallory WR/CB (Chiefs)
​2019 Tristan Burch TE (Lions)
2018 Jayden Bottoms QB/ Rio Stotts WR (Steelers)
2017 Dajaun Hamilton CB (Eagles)
2016 Deacon Durham WR (Seahawks)
2015 Jaden Bailey WR (Redskins)
2014 Jaquawn Walton WR (Steelers)
2013 Gabe Dunlap QB (Panthers)
2012 Brandon Godish TE (49ers)
2009 Keith Morris LB (Eagles)
2007 Billy Kisner QB (Saints)


Wesley Trower Award for Best Rusher

Dontae- Rusher of the Year.jpg

2022 Dontae Giddens LB (Ravens)
2021 Ian Carlies LB (Buccaneers)
2020 Logan Bollinger LB (Steelers)
2019 Logan Bollinger LB (Lions)
​2018 Justin Keyser LB (Lions)
2017 Cheo Harden LB (Redskins)
2016 Cheo Harden LB (Redskins)
2015 Cheo Harden LB (Redskins)
2014 Max Waring LB (49ers) 1st Year

Miguel Jackson Defensive Player of the Year Award

2022 TJ Khail LB (Dolphins) 

2021 Logan Bollinger CB (Steelers) 
2020 Micah Beckley CB (Seahawks)
​2019 Logan Bollinger LB (Lions)
​2018 Santana Levy LB (Redskins)
2017 Santana Levy LB (Redskins)
2016 Eric Benson LB (Eagles)
2015 Tyree Spencer S (Redskins)
2014 Miguel Jackson LB (Steelers)
2013 Alex Trower CB (Eagles)
2012 Emmanuel Perdue CB (49ers)
2011 Emmanuel Perdue CB (Raiders)
2009 Julian Chambers LB (Steelers)
2008 Darian Heyward S (Rams)
2007 Andrew Lintelman LB (Saints)

TJ- Defensive Player of the Year.jpg

Nathan Mallory Award for Defensive Back of the Year

Michael- Defensive Back of the Year.jpg

2022 Michael Ford CB (49ers) 

2021 Calix Clark S (Chiefs) 
2020 Cameron Mallory S (Chiefs)
​2019 Kelsey Hundley S (Steelers)
​2018 Kelsey Hundley S (Steelers)
2017 Jaydon Carr CB (Lions)
2016 Demetrius Tindall-Epps S (Eagles)
2015 Gabe Dunlap CB (Lions)
2014 Dakoda Dialoiso S (49ers)
2013 Michael Chismar S (Redskins)
2012 Isaiah Allison CB (Packers)
2009 Zac Crosmun CB (Redskins)

Josh Anderson Most Improved Player of the Year

2022 Tymair Allen QB (Ravens)

2021 Winston Kelley QB (49ers) 
2020 Dash Robinson LB/TE (Steelers)
2019 Conner Bollinger QB (Seahawks)
2018 Jaden Smith QB (Eagles)
2016 Nathan Brown QB (Eagles)
​2015 Seth Dunlap WR (Lions)
2014 Armann Virk QB (49ers)
2013 Joshua Anderson WR (Lions)
2012 Timante Morris DB (Packers)

Tymair- Most Improved of the Year.jpg

Jordan Godfrey Tight End of the Year

Kayden- Tight End of the Year.jpg

2022 Kayden White TE (Chiefs)

2021 Mason Wade TE (Panthers)
2019 Calix Clark TE (Chiefs)
2019 Robinson Rea TE (Eagles)

2018 Julian King TE (Seahawks)

2017 Ryan Rankin TE (Lions)

Eric Benson Award for Running Back of the Year

Cheo Harden Most Outstanding Linebacker

PNL Parent of the Year

2018 Santana Levy RB (Redskins)
2017 Nuru Washington RB (Seahawks)

2022 Amir Timbo LB (Dolphins) 

2021 Zion Hauser LB (Chiefs)
2020 Robinson Rea LB (Eagles)
​2019 Rio Stotts LB (Steelers)

2022 Margie Williams

2021 Eamaurio Wade
​2020 Wendy Smith
2019 Latoyia Reynolds
2018 Danielle Anderson

Amir- Linebacker of the Year.jpg
Margie- Parent of the Year.jpg

Team of the Year


2021 Jaguars
​2020 Steelers
​2019 Bengals

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