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PNL Honors, which debuted in 2005, is the Pittsburgh NFL League's annual awards show recognizing the league's best players and performances at the end of each year. The event is held at Dave & Buster's located in Homestead, PA to celebrate the season.  Our event is filmed live, each player is interviewed on the red carpet and we allow them to be stars.  Our event is hosted by our Commissioner, Erik Cooper. We end the night by inducting our Hall of Fame Class members for that year.

The Awards

Tyree Spencer Most Valuable Player of the Year

Reggie Maness Coach of the Year

Josh Anderson Most Improved Player of the Year

Offensive Player of the Year

Miguel Jackson Defensive Player of the Year

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Eric Benson Running Back of the Year

Dominic Burden Wide Receiver of the Year

Ryan Rankin Tight End of the Year

Most Outstanding Linebacker

Nathan Mallory Defensive Back of the Year

Gabe Dunlap Quarterback of the Year

Wesley Trower Award for Best Rusher

PNL Team of the Year

PNL Hall of Fame Class of 202X

PNL Parent of the Year

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