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Introducing PNL Honors - Celebrating Excellence in Youth Flag Football!

PNL Honors, a cherished tradition that made its debut in 2005, is an eagerly anticipated event that culminates each year to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary talents within our league.  It's a night of glamour and appreciation held at the renowned Dave & Buster's in Homestead, PA, where we roll out the red carpet for our exceptional players.

The electrifying atmosphere buzzes with excitement as our Commissioner, Erik Cooper, takes the stage to host the evening's festivities. Each player, donning their finest attire, gets a moment in the spotlight as they walk the red carpet, are interviewed, and celebrated like the true stars they are.

The heart of PNL Honors lies in acknowledging outstanding achievements across various categories, including coveted titles such as Most Valuable Player, Coach of the Year, Parent of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Tight End of the Year, Defensive Back of the Year, Linebacker of the Year, and Play of the Year.  These awards symbolize the dedication, sportsmanship, and talent that elevate our league to incredible heights.

Moreover, the night holds a poignant touch as we pay tribute to our exceptional players by retiring their jerseys, commemorating their indelible contributions to the game.

A highlight of the evening is our esteemed Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where we immortalize our league's legendary figures. Welcoming new inductees each year, we honor the pioneers and game-changers who have left an everlasting impact on our league's legacy.

With cameras rolling and hearts soaring, PNL Honors set the stage for unforgettable memories, not just for the players but for our entire community of supporters.  We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our players, coaches, and parents, whose passion and dedication drive the spirit of our league.

At PNL Honors, we believe that every player deserves a moment to shine, and we celebrate their journey from the sidelines to the spotlight. Together, we create memories that will last a lifetime, fostering a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment that echoes throughout the entire season.

Join us for an extraordinary night of joy, recognition, and the magic of youth flag football. PNL Honors - where every player is a star and every achievement is celebrated with pride! See you at this year's HONORS!

The Awards

Tyree Spencer Most Valuable Player of the Year

Reggie Maness Coach of the Year

Josh Anderson Most Improved Player of the Year

Offensive Player of the Year

Miguel Jackson Defensive Player of the Year

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Eric Benson Running Back of the Year

Dominic Burden Wide Receiver of the Year

Ryan Rankin Tight End of the Year

Most Outstanding Linebacker

Nathan Mallory Defensive Back of the Year

Gabe Dunlap Quarterback of the Year

Wesley Trower Award for Best Rusher

PNL Team of the Year

PNL Hall of Fame Class of 202X

PNL Parent of the Year

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