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All-Star Weekend is a weekend full of festivities held on a Sunday in October. The day will have a variety of football events, exhibitions, and skills challenges. The last two events are the much-anticipated All-American Team vs. Coaches and the Alumni Game.

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PNL Rookie Game

The game was created as part of All-Star weekend in 2014 and was called the East vs. West Game. The rosters were built similarly in number but were filled out entirely by first-year players from the Eastern and Western Conference. They play a full game of football with two 20-minute halves.  To spice things up we alter coaches and players.  The coach that normally coaches one team during the regular season, will coach a completely different group of kids during the Rookie Game.  This year for the 2021 Rookie Game, we will announce captains, and they will draft their teams.

Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl is the second all-star game played during All-Star weekend, which showcases the best NFL Draft prospects of players who will be moving to the older division the following season. The game was first played in 2012 when the league broke up each division to see which division would reign supreme.  The format has only two quarterbacks per team that will only play that position for one-half of the game.


Pro Bowl

In November 2011, the first PNL Pro Bowl was played.  The game brings together the most outstanding players at each position to play what amounts to a competitive scrimmage.  In this game, we're going to mix up the teams and face off against the North Park All-Star Teams.


All-American Team vs. Coaches Game


Pittsburgh NFL League Alumni Game


League Fastest Man Competition

This event places each of the fastest players in a  50-yard race.  The event matches eight athletes against each other to determine who the fastest player in the league is.

Defensive Player Challenge

The defensive player challenge showcases players in a series of 25-yard runs one-on-one challenges where an offensive player is up against a select defensive player.  The players will go through three rounds, and the winner with the most flags after the third round is crowned champion.


Quarterback Challenge

The Quarterback Challenge matches up the league's elite signal-callers in an event that tests arm strength, foot speed, and accuracy.


All-State Good Hands Wide Receiver Challenge

The competition starts with a receiver at the back of the endzone where they have to sprint and complete a series of different catches in the shortest time possible.  At the end of the third round, the player with the most cumulative catches in all rounds is crowned champion.

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